Daytime saving adjustment

Due to less and less daytime, tonight several states in Midwest will turn back one hour to inactivate daytime saving. Good news is that we could sleep one more hour. It is the first time that I feel win some time for the universe. (It's just one hour, you think too much....)

After completing the strategy class, now we have only three class in B term, which means Tuesday and Thursday morning will be free. Next week, it's about time to register new class for 2006, and I also have my mock interview session and practice.

Next two plans:
1.Thanksgiving to Boston.
2.Chrismas to LA.

Go back to my case now...


NBA Preseason Game -- Timberwolves VS Bulls

Thanks to Nathan's preseason game ticket, we could make our first NBA trip come true.
Game for the day is Minnesota Timberwolves vs Chicago Bulls. Even without KG, Timberwolves could still defeat Bulls...
A reminder here is put your backpack at home before go to a game. Now, it's not allowed people take big bags in, and no public locker provided nearby.
We took two bus trips to put bag back in Carlson, then went to Target Center again. Fortunately, it took only 12 minutes from Carlson to Target Center. Take route 50 and 3, get out at final destination, and walk out of transit center, turning right then Target Center is over there.


The court view, I like blue color.

People getting in.

Home team warm up.

Guest team warm up.

Anthem on.

He must be a famous singer or somebody.... Singing anthem as popular song.... is it good?

Starters introducing.

Go Go Go...


Try to bride the judge...

I don't what's its name yet.

Jump ball...

During breaks, there are many activities for fans. Shooting T-shirts is one of them. You have to be lucky enough to get one.

A bulls player was blocked out of court. It seems his head hit something then laid there for 10 minutes.

What's going on??


Break time entertaining show...

I sat too far away.... sigh....

The reason why people getting fat....


Another one above wolves girls

Another kind...

Now what?

Leaving. Final score 100-92. Maybe next time, Bulls.

Target center seat arrangement. Source from http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/tickets/arena.html
and some recommendation when pick seats.

Price list here. Same source.

Since citation is important in US, I just make some of them on blog in case getting into trouble.

Trivia about MPLS

Last Sunday, we went to Peiking Garden to have lunch. The snacks were served in iron container rather than bamboo one. It is new to me.
Overall, it is not a bad choice to have some Den Sing 飲茶 點心啦 不知道正確的英文應該怎樣寫不過應該是外國人的問題吧
And costs around 15-20 dollars.


Minneapolis is connected by skywalks, as illustrated in this map. In winter, mostly you do not need to walk outside and can go to any important place in downtown area.

Powerball. Last week the number was 2XX or something. Now somebody won the prize, so only 20 left....

Building in downtown. I think here is Crystal ground.


Don't use other's U-Pass

This afternoon, after lunch in Peiking garden, we went to Target store in downtown.
It was a relaxing trip and found that Minneapolis is a city linked by skywalks.
Well, the point is that when we came back by bus. A young guy got on the bus, then the female driver found he used other's U-pass. so she took away that U-pass, stopped the bus, and called the police right away.
Some passengers just got out that bus when we waited the police coming. Around 10 minutes, an officer came and took that young guy out of the bus. He said to the driver,"You have a good eye, how did you notice that?" I heard that the penality would be $180, of course, that young man will have a record, too.
Even though it's hard to tell the differences between Asians, I don't think it's worthy to save $2 fare, then get caught like the mentioned situation.
$180 is a huge number, although it's not enough for a BOSS suite...


Winter Coat day

Thanks to Angela and her husband, Guillermo, we could go to an outlet far far away to get some Columbia coat at good deal. Hope Angela's strategy report will be OK, oh, you too Varisa.

The address of that oulet is as below, everyone who wants to go there should be prepared that it would take around 1 hour. FYI.
MINNESOTA Medford Outlet Center 6750 West Frontage Road Suite #333 Medford, MN 55049-9544 Tel: (507) 451-9393 Fax: (507) 451-9339

You should be able to tell who is Angela's husband...

Now, it's show time again.

Original price $250, now is $89.98

Original $225, now is $59.95

After shopping, we went to King's restaurant again to enjoy the best Korean food in MN. Surprisingly, we met Seuk Ju in King's too. So Angela said it proves that this is really a good restaurant or Seuk will not come here from St. Paul.
Just like last time, we are full and seems Angela and Guillermo also like it.
Thank God.

Well, this down coat is not bought in this outlet. It's product of another brand.
Original price $175, now is $55 at clearance.

This is not from outlet either. Just let you know how big bottle fot the Korean pickles. American size.

Thanks again to Guillermo and Angela, hope we will have a nice next week....


New functions

Some of you might already find there is a counter on the left side of my blog now.
Well, it's an interesting indicator that I could estimate how many people read or link to my blog and find that people seldom post their opinions on my blog...
So, I also add a chatter board on the left side too, maybe someone just want to leave messages not related to any article. However, everytime you refresh the chatter board, it will increase the number on counter. Well, it's not a bad way to make this blog looks "popular".
Input your name in the upper column, and your opinion is lower column, then press POST button. It's done!

Enjoy these two functions, actually for readers, it's only one you can use. In Minnesota, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Very good.....>_<

*Grammar check is also welcomed!


下面的欄位輸入要顯示的訊息" --(特別說明給某張姓大嬸)




剛結束A term的期末考,這幾天卻沒有好日子。
新的課程如管理會計,財務管理以及operation management幾乎都跟數字扯上關係


不管年齡 地域






Chinese Night

Chinese MBA students have a gathering in a famous restaurant. Thanks for Varisa's support can we make this happened. The name of it is Tea House, I think it's a shi-chuan restaurant. However, it's not very hot and spicy. Good for me.

好不容易稍稍結束了一連串的期末考和報告壓力,班上一群大陸和台灣學生決定辦個小小的聚餐會,地點就在Minneapolis市區北方大概二十分鐘車程的"Tea House"(四川菜)。一行12個人,兩臺車把大家載到這遙遠的餐廳,在此先感謝熱心擔任司機的Henry和Varisa。

Tea House的四川菜並沒有想像中那麼辣,這對總是只能吃"小小辣"麻辣火鍋的我們來說,倒是個還不錯的消息,至少不會吃得滿頭汗忙喝水...哈。

Tea House, 這就是香園的外觀囉~

Varisa, Yvonne, Henry,William.
上圖左起: Varisa(泰國)、Yvonne(台灣)、Henry(上海)、William(四川)

Inside Tea House, and met Bruce tonight.











Free Day

Endless tests have already finished...No matter what grade will be, the most important thing is to get a job. It feels like that Asia students have been trained to treat tests more seriously. The higher the grade does not necessarily mean the more chance you will get a job. That's a perception gap I need to overcome.

一連串的考試和報告終於暫時性地結束了,最近所有教授的問候語都是: "上禮拜大家還好嗎? Did you survive?" 不過在準備期末考的過程中,還是看出美國學生和亞洲學生的不同,亞洲學生從小被訓練著"考試考試考試...",面對期中期末大考那更是分外認真,可是在這裡的生活,學業考試只佔了MBA學生生活50%的重要性,另外50%為未來工作鋪路的準備工作,包括履歷表、Networking、準備面試技巧等等....每件事都等待著每天24小時的分配,如何在兩者之間取得平衡,是個新的挑戰,但最終說來,如何找到一個好工作,似乎才是MBA的終極目標。

Red leaves are going to show up...

Break up room in Carlson. We usually study or discuss in this kind of room.

Tree on the Futon street
Futon St.街景

舉例來說: 目前可以找到最新的台灣流行歌大概就是光良的"第一次"吧,一度因為選不出歌來唱,大家懷舊地開始點播小虎隊和草蜢系列--"青蘋果樂園"、"紅蜻蜓"、"寶貝對不起"~一路陪伴我們長大的歌曲...

The very simple KTV room owned by Korean people.

照片中的主角,是獲選為本日最佳歌手--來自北京的Henry,不但演唱了一系列崔健的歌曲,還為我們示範演唱大陸有名歌曲: "北京的紅太陽"、"女人是老虎"、"敖包相會",下張照片正是"北京的紅太陽"片段歌詞...

"社會主義 幸福的大道上..."《北京的紅太陽》

On light rail station.
輕軌電車站合影。星期五下午的另一個放鬆活動,就是前往Mall of America,如果從學校出發,得先搭公車再轉乘輕軌電車。

MOA again. After stats final, we went to MOA to relax. However, if you have the heavy stats textbook in the backpack, it is not a very enjoyable trip....
Mall of America,史努比樂園一角~

Body shop. You need to take some photo about the case you have read in class.

Shrimp restaurant.

In the evening, thanks to Won, we went to a Korean restaurant, King's. It is so called the best Korean restautant in MN, and it's really good. I ate a lot, even could not walk normally when went out restaurant.

星期五晚上,我們和兩個韓國同學前往傳說中Minneapolis最好吃的韓國餐廳"King's",在市區西北方,車程大概二十五分鐘,我們滿足的吃到了有台灣兩倍大的石鍋拌飯(韓語: Bibimbap)和韓式烤肉,哈~非常飽而且非常辣........